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Going down?

I consider myself a lover of oral and like many of the posters here. Getting a great blow job is one of the best feelings in the world, so loving, so relaxing, such a nice feeling to recieve such pleasure. That being said, there is nothing I like better than going down on a sexy girl.

I love love love getting girls off, and I think the fact that I have been in several LTRs has really helped me gather some pretty good tricks of the trade.

First of all, I tease a girl to death before I go NEAR her clit. I repeat, stay away form the clit! Focus on her tits, neck, ears, stomache, illiac crest, I use my hands as well as my mouth (I also have a goatee). I love that nook where the leg meets the vagina absolutely sexy! much like the neck. I lick and suck gently not eagerly but teasingly, all around her vagaina, explore the folds, the hole (with your tongue only at this point) run your tongue down to her knee and back up around the belly button. Spending even a small time teasing will save you time in the end. DO NOT seem anxious or in a hurry no matter how excited you are. You'll know that you really have them going when they are arching and trying to grind the air before you even touch their clit.

Once I do begin to lick their pussy I start with soft wet long licks from top to bottom, focusing more on the clit as I go along, softly, slowly, circling. It took me a long time to realize that being patient will save you so much work. Try not to "flick" or "smack" her clit or vagina, from my experience it is more annoying than anything. I alternate between touching her with my tongue only and using my whole mouth and lips to suck, the variety is key.

If you're doing this right her clit should begin to get harder and poke out a bit, I test her sensitivity by sucking lightly and judging her reaction. Once I have her preference figured out I begin to tease her with my fingers. If you can't tell what she likes, freaking ask her if it feels good or not! Don't be a dumbass and assume!

Now for the fingers.....

There is the most special spot right inside the hole on the top. I know you're thinking it's the g-spot which is a little further inside and is kind of rough and spongy. No, I'm tallking about the really smooth part at the very opening, it's really small and soft an sensitive and perfect for teasing. Since I have discovered this spot every girl since then has commented that I knew where it was. I play with it by rubbing it and aplying pressure until she is trying to fuck my finger deeper inside her, again teasing her until she needs it. Once I have her practically begging to be penetrated, I slide my finger deep and hold it there, letting her fuck my hand. As a side note, I only use one finger, if you get the girl excited enough one finger is all you need, plus it will make your dick feel even bigger once you fuck her and yes I am fucking that tight hole when I am done making you cum with my mouth.

I insert my finger all the way, mind you I am still using my tongue on her clit and surrounding area, alternating speed and pressure based on her reactions. I begin to finger her slowly and rythmically, gauging her response. If you are doing everything right, you will feel her pussy begin to get puffy and full especially on the top near the opening. Viola! The G-Spot is coming to life! Angle your finger to apply pressure to this area, it IS NOT about the in and out! It's about the pressure. Sometimes I keep my fingers stiff and still and let her grind her G-Spot on my finger, amazing orgasms this way! Especially if she can stand having her clit sucked.

Once you have her at this point, she is all yours, you have her right where you want her, alternate sucking and licking her clit while you massage her g spot, again, make her want it, beg for it, be patient not aggressive. When she cums do not stop, let her finish which can take longer than you think....When she done, simply start over.....light touches and licks and stay away from the clit until she is ready. If she is anything like the girls I've been with, you could make her cum again and again, and the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th orgasms are much easier to make happen.

Have fun!

Oh, and don't forget to tell her how much you love licking her pussy!

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