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Originally Posted: 2005-04-29 11:19pm

GAY AC - But It's Cool

So I moved to Boston years ago from South Louisiana.

"I don't need no AC in Boston," says I, "Not coming from the bayou where its 90 plus degrees and 100% humidity from March to October."

Then I hit my first inner city HEAT WAVE!

Five intolerable days and I'm off to Lechmere (remember Lechemere? - not me I can't even spell it it seems) so make it Sherman's. But in Yankee land during a heat wave they RUN OUT OF AIR CONDITIONERS! (I think there's an article in the Louisiana State Constitution forbidding merchants of cooling engines from having a short supply of essential equipment in summertime.)

So here's the deal. I just bought a brand new window unit fully a month before I need it. It's installed and ready to serve. So I am getting rid of my old 110 York Air Conditioner. If you want it, come pick it up.

Now it ain't pretty (I cracked the front plastic cover), the filter probably needs replacing, and, as it is an older model, the compressor weighs a ton, but it was still working last fall when I pulled it out of the window and put it in my closet (well in front of my closet because my closet -- well -- I don't want to get into it - rather I can't get into it!).

Still this FREE AIR CONDITIONER is capable of cooling a bedroom this summer.
All you have to do is come and carry it away.

I'm a gay dude so if you're a hot straight guy you better bring your girlfriend with you so I'll know not to hit on you. If you are a lady, better bring your hot boyfriend to hoist this boat anchor out of my apartment but I make no promises about not hitting on him in front of you.

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