Originally Posted: 2005-04-10 3:23pm

favorite this post The Sofa Sleeper that Saves Relationships

Did your guy screw up again?

Kick him to the couch for a few nights to teach him a lesson!

This heavy duty (weighs more than Brittany Spears these days)sofa sleeper was one of the last pieces of furniture made in the United States before all manufacturing was offshored to China.

The cushion fabric is worn on top, but the cushions are still firm enough to handle those extra pounds you put on. This is one firm couch.

Toss on a $49 dollar slipcover from the Martha Stewart Collection at Target and your friends with better paying jobs won't know you are still on the Craig's List budget plan.

The best thing is that the bed is one of the more comfortable ones with a real mattress not a stinky crusty foam rubber jobs like your uncle Willie's.

Call 617-282-0801 and bring a buddy to help lug this bad boy home so you can set it up in time for the game.

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