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Last night I'm out on a date with this woman I'd seen a few times before. We were having a great time and she asks me back to her apartment. So I go, of course.

We get there, I uncork a bottle of wine. She sets the mood with candles, dim lights and all the rest. Well, one thing leads to another and we're kissing on the couch. I love kissing. This is really great. A few minutes later, one of her cats jumps up next to us.

"Hee hee! This is Rum Tum Tugger. He's one of my jellical cats" (I apologize if I spell some names wrong)

"Um, what's a jellical cat?" I reply.


"Oh! You've never seen the musical Cats? Hold on for one minute!"

Honest to god she gets up and put on the show's soundtrack. As she does, I'm thinking "Is she really doing this right now? How fucked is this situation? Am I that bad a kisser? How long do I have to listen to this before I can make a escape?"

Well, the answers are:

1) Yes
2) Pretty fucked
3) Apparently
4) All fucking night

I got to hear the entire soundtrack, learn the story line, meet the characters (her other cats) and then listen to a couple of the songs again. I swear she almost cried when that song "Memories" played the 2nd time. I almost did too, but not for the same reasons.

Anyway, I eventually got out of there, integrity still intact. There wasn't any more fooling around. I didn't insult her or come off like an ass when I left, but I think I'll have to politely decline the next date offer.

In retrospect, if I HAD cried during that song, I probably would have gotten laid (although I doubt I would have had anything remotely like a decent performance...ha!) Oh well.

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