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Short guys, tall guys.... Why not ALL guys?

Dear Women of Craig’s List:

In the past few months since CL was suggested to me (for career purposes, mind you), I've frequently ventured into the personals-section...hey, can you blame a modern guy in the digital age? Right.... But in viewing these listings, I've read countless "woman seeking male"-postings that require, or at the very least, prefer male-repliers to be at least 5'10''or taller (in some cases, 6', or even 6'1''or taller). Well, I've bitten my tongue long enough. As someone whose 5'6'', that's both disappointing and insulting. Earlier, I read a similar gripe by another CL male browswer whose been discriminated against. Inspired, I whole-heartedly feel that it's time for the women on CL to "recognize."

Women...men the world over know very well that discriminating against "BBW," "cuddly," "curvy," "fat," "heavy," or, chuckle, "voluptuous" women in favor of "athletic," "fit," "modeleqsue," "skinny," or "thin" women is generally considered shallow, juvenile, and mean. Admittedly, a lot of men just don't "get it," and so, that doesn't stop many of us from doing so. A once chubby child, myself, and the son of an overweight woman (who busts her ass in gym four days a week to turn back the cruel hands of time, and years of overinduldgence and inactivity), I can go on for hours about the scorn and tormet overweight people often receive at the hands of cruel, heartless, and ignorant people. So before I am accused of hating on heavy people for the sake of making an argument, spare me. I've been on the receiving end too many times to listen to it.

Men are chastised by women - overweight or not - for openly admitting that we prefer women who aren't overweight. Now, of course, this varies between "athletic," "fit," "modelesque," "skinny," and "thin" (or whatever), but the critical point is that many men prefer their women not to be overweight. As a result, we are called shallow. We are called juvenile. We are called immature. We are called insensitive. We are called picky. We are called mean: all for prefering that the women in our lives take pride in their bodies, and control their weight. That means exercising regularly; that means eating right; that means healthy living. Surely all things that are well within our control.

But let's apply the same logic to height, and talk about women's expectations for men. No human can control their height once their growth spurts have ended. If you don't have the "right" genes, and/or didn't drink your milk, eat your meat, and stay away from the leg squats as a pre- and early teen, you're SOL. There's nothing we can do about our height. There's no magic stretcher that can elongate us however many more inches we want. And I'm sure that most of my fellow short friends will agree with me when I say that if we could, we'd be on that table faster than a woman who's unhappy with the size of her breasts (but that's another story). It's totally out of our control. Yet, women have the she-cojones to require (or prefer) that the men who answer their posts be tall. So why are MEN chastised for our preferences, while WOMEN are not for theirs? Most of us can control our weight (and when I say most, that's a modest assessment...MOST of us can get out of bed, off the couch, or offline and get our asses to the gym). But NONE of us can control our height.

Simply put, the fact that many women openly require, or even prefer tall men over short men while they, at the same time, denounce and discourage men who prefer women who aren't overweight is simply a double-standard, and illogical.

So, to the women of CL, I have this to say: don't be so picky (and cruel, and immature, and insensitive, and mean, and shallow). You rarely miss an opportunity to put men in our places, and make us feel cruel, immature, insensitive, mean, shallow, and picky for voicing our preferences - which are completely fair, if you ask me. But you post with impunity your preferences, and are seldom taken to ask for your own shallow, immature, and generally unrealistic expectactions for your "dream-guys." Get real.


A short guy

P.S. Consider the following group of A-list entertainers: Tom Cruise, Mel Gibson, Bono (and the rest of U2, for that matter), Bruce Springsteen, Sylvester Stallone. It's common knowledge that all of these guys are either short or average height (5'4'' to 5'7'').

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