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favorite this post rant: seat #121

Dear seat #121,

You arrived late to our MTEL's this morning at 7:45 A.M. at Arlington High School. Not only did you announce your presence with your fugly brown and green lined fur coat complete with felt gray dress and clunky boots, you also had the audacity to speak in such a way that even natives of Wisconsin would bitch slap you repeatedly.

Seat #121, you also forgot to bring a copy of your driver's license for the proctors to look at. You also had to sign a statement on a sticker to adhere to the copy. You easily forgot how to read basic English. Here's my recourse of your idiocy:

Seat #121: "Oh by the way I don't have a copy of my ID. Sorry." ::Sits::

Proctor: "Do you have a copy of your ID or driver's license?" ::frowns::

Seat #121: "Oh I didn't bring one." ::smirk::

Proctor: "Well, you can't sign in without it." ::is now annoyed::

Seat #121, talking loudly:"But I didn't know we hadta bring da copy of an IDDDDD. Can't I just sign in without it??"

Proctor sternly yells: "FOR EVERYONE WHO DIDN'T PAY ATTENTION, Your letters state that you MUST bring a copy of your I.D., otherwise you must return to the front desk to get a copy of your I.D. This is a security purpose only."

Seat #121: "But I decided not to bring a copy. I didn't know." ::frustrated::

Proctor: "Please leave the room and return to the front desk and make a copy of your I.D."

Seat #121: "Are you sure that is what we're to do? I mean I don't know. I don't think I need a copy of my I.D. from the front desk."

Proctor: "Look. Go back to the front desk and get a copy of your I.D. Do you or do you not understand? Now leave and return with a copy of your I.D."

The testing was slated to last four hours. You read that correctly, four hours.

The testing begins. Lo and behold, seat #121 still asks Pat Sajack not for a vowel, but to buy a clue.

P: "Please open your answer documents and carefully mark the tests with the specified information after I instruct you to do so. You may take one or both sections of the subtest today. If you take one section or both, upon passing you do not have to repeat that subtest. If you are only taking one section, please leave the other completely blank and put it under your test booklet."

# announces: "But I only plan to take ONE test, so WHY do I have this extra stuff?"

Fifty other students in the room begin to snicker and then glare at you, #121, including myself. Collectively, we all would have been legally in the right to tell you to shut the fuck up. Don't let the door hit you on the ass for being disruptive during the testing.

Testing was to begin at 8:30. You interrupted yet again.
Testing was to begin at 8:32. Thank you for wasting two minutes of my time that may permanently affect my undergraduate status in my senior year. I want to become a teacher without your yapping commentary shattering my will to live.

Moving on, as we are working dilligently through the test on short response and multiple choice areas, you decide to utter more bile.

Proctor: "As a reminder, if anything is needed, please raise your hand first, or raise your pencil and we will come to you."

Silence for a short while.

# blurts out: "OH I'm cold!! Can we close the window? I can't focus like this!!!"

Yeah. A benefit to the citizens of Massachusetts. You must be a real bitch in your job. Can't follow instructions of a proctor, let alone keep your trap shut as a consideration to the other fifty in the room. Did you course through life by whining and reiterating verbal instructions that everyone already clearly heard, including you in the form of rephrased questions? Even Alex Trebek would bitch slap your ass, and win $800 per slap. His show, his rules.

I hate you, #121. You know this.

The two best parts of this four hour descent into hell with you were the following:

#2: The student in front of you stopping your inane questioning by simply uttering a loud "SHH!", followed by a small chorus of snickers from one corner of the room, probably mine.

#1: Leaving the testing facility early without incident of my sneakered foot in your ass.

Written in aggravated reflection,

Seat #109

P.S. I hope P.E.T.A. kicks your ass. By the way, Newbury Street called. It wants to recall your wannabe status, lable whore.

this is in or around fenway

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