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I got into some trouble at work recently. I work at the deli at Market Basket, by the way, we're having a special on pastrami this week, and I have posted here a few times looking for a date. My mom thinks I should have a girlfriend. Last Wednesday I was working the cheese section when this really pretty mom asked me if the land-o-lakes white american was different from the kraft packaged white american. I told I thought certainly the freshly sliced land-o-lakes was much better, plus I enjoy slicing cheese and she was pretty so I like that she needed my help choosing the right cheese. She was really nice and really pretty. I should say Ive never had a girlfriend. Over the years Ive dated my fair share of checkout girls but never really kissed them or anything. Usually my mom and I would pick them up and go to the movies or just back to my house to play parcheesi with my mom. I guess I never saw a girl so pretty before and I got little excited. I felt a funny feeling in my pants and it started to show if you know what I mean. Thelma, who was slicing meats gave me a funny look but I just pretended not to notice. Anyway, I grabbed the cheese but then the lady pointed to the market basket brand and asked if it was the same. I wasn't sure so I stepped around the counter to look. When I came around th corner she started yelling and screaming and she wheeled her cart off rather fast. I didn't know what happened so I chased after her thinkning something was wrong. My manager stopped me before I could get to her to see what the matter was. He asked me what I was doing and what was in my pants.?? I had no idea I told him. HE asked me to walk into the back with him and thats when I got in trouble. I guess she got scared of the bulge comming out of my pants. My manager told me it was as if there was something under my deli coat. I looked down and he was right my peter was standing straight up and you could see. Im so embarrassed. I had to watch the security tape of me chasing a customer like that and undergo sensitivity training. Everyone's been looking at me funny. Thelma says theres now way I'll get employee of the month this month. I haven't told my mom yet but I dont think I should. What would you do? I was employee of the month in August and if there are any single girls who like movies and games and good food and deli meat send my a note.

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