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Another RAPE post from a non-idiot

If it's just an assualt and nothing more then answer me this...

How many assault victims are asked to account for their behavior previous to the alleged attack that might have encouraged the attack. E.G. He beat me with a wrench in an alley and took my wallet...I guess I shouldn't have been walking unescorted in that pink skirt and heels...

Policemen and lawyers actually ask these women all kinds of uncomfortable questions that no "assault" victim would be subjected to. This is why women don't report rape. That and thier families would find out and treat them all icky for about a decade or more. The problem I have after most cases not going to trial is the fact that one of the most popular defense techniques is to put the VICTIM on the stand. You want to talk about studies? You could fill up three shelves at Harvard Library with the studies that have been done on this. You need read only one to see my perspective.

Rape is not about the threat of pregnancy- you inexorable moron. Men can be raped too...Rape is from an Old French word meaning "to pierce or violate" Hello-- you don't need to think too hard to figure out what that means. However: You don't need a Vagina to be raped...you don't even need a penis to be a rapist. Violation has a broad definition under any law. I want a list of all the books you have read in the past year. If any of them are about anything remotely intellectual I will give you your very own soda. Now sit down.

Our wombs are an asset to the society? Funny...whenever I as a woman complain that we are treated like souless commodities/reproductive machines/possessions/sex devices/domestic servants...people tell me I am a total whining bitch...but you say it in your holier than thou patronising way and suddenly...yes indeed my uterus does belong to the body politic and not me. When we are five we have to register them at the DMV and hand over the keys. Don't you have sisters? And we ARE special enough to deserve our own laws because we are people...just because we are different than you does not mean we are inferior or less deserving- but this does not preclude the knowledge that we will have to have different considerations made for circumstances that are more than likely to affect women or are likely to affect us differently than they do you. All the smart-assed men that want to tell me that the equal rights ammendment means I have to strap on a gun and go to war- listen up. If you want everything equal all the way then why don't you agree to live under the legal and unspoken laws that WE live by - like getting paid less and taking care of babies like it's your job- only you don't get paid or even thanked---at all. You're expected to drop everything and "do the woman thing"...if you pick career over family- the social consequences are incredible. The social consequences of EVERYTHING we do are incredible-eg. unbelieveable eg...NO WAY WOULD ANYONE TELL A MAN HIS VIOLENT BEATING AND RAPE WAS ONLY AN "ASSAULT"... eg. nobody would tell a man that he solicited unwanted contact by wearing certain clothing or frequenting a certain localle. And then there is "date rape"...which happens more often than any of us care to think because some men are somewhat delusional and overly aggressive and women are brainwashed to believe they have far less control over their lives and their fates than they do in actual fact. Nothing any of you misogynists can do or say will change the fact that this IS a crime and it IS a big deal and it DOES happen alot more than any person would like to believe. But it does not fall to you to decide what is a crime- and I am sure most of us are grateful for that. I don't know why you hate women so much. Perhaps it's because they are snotty and they think they are so great all the time. Maybe they reject your advances and look away from you- without making eye contact. Maybe I can see why you think they way you do...and I think it's quite obvious where you're coming from. I only hope you can take "no" for an answer yourself.

P.S. I had my uterus remanded to me after a lengthy battle with the State Supreme Court...I agreed not to get pregnant with anybody else's baby (making my body thier property) and they aggreed to let me do what I want with my own body... Thank you SO much for bestowing us with your amusing rhetoric.

Why rape is a crime .... THE ANSWER

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Rape being a crime has little or nothing to do with the fact that it is a person being assualted. Otherwise, it would be assualt. Sorry, ladies, you're not special enough to protect with an EXTRA law.

Men cannot be raped because it's not a crime against the person ... it's a social crime. It's a crime against the ability of the society to reproduce.

Yes, ladies, wether you know this or not, this is why it's a crime. not because you're so wonderful or special. It's because your womb is an asset that the community feels is worth special protection, like government files or national security. In every other way, it's simple assualt.

The Supremem court has also found that men legally cannot be raped, because rape by its very nature imposes the threat of pregnancy on the victim.

Oh, and by the way - you're all damn lucky it's a crime, otherwise you'd all have been fucked and knocked up before you were 18.

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