Originally Posted: 2004-10-06 9:55am

FREE inexperienced, even naive, couch

Never been farted on by a football fan (no TV set nearby); never hosted sexual activity of any kind (satisfying but unadventurous sexual activity confined to bed); never slept on by a dog (beloved hound died before couch arrived); never been lounged on by a cat (vile creatures have never entered apartment); never puked on (one beer or glass of wine with dinner, usually in kitchen or dining room); never peed on (all grandparents still continent); never jumped on in the midst of raucus baseball celebration (owners Red Sox loyalists); never complimented (conservative Aztec fabric pattern does not elicit "nice couch!"). So still in pretty good shape. And Free. Available to raucus high livers only. Please pick up this sheltered couch and show it how truly wild life can be. It's currently on the curb (we put it out the evening of Tuesday, Oct 12): on Allen Street, near the corner of Orchard, in Porter Square, Cambridge.

this is in or around Porter Square, on Allen Street, near corner of Orchard

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