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My Mom says that I should date

My name is Quinton,I am 32 and I'm a computer programer.I enjoy computer games and fantasy role playing games.I'm a huge Star Trek fan and I have all of the episodes on dvd.I have love going to Star Trek conventions[I have a regulation commander's uniform] and I can speak fluent Klingon and some Vulcan.My mom says that I need to get out more[I've never dated ] but it's her house[I live with her] and what she says goes.I'm 5'6" and I am about 250 lbs,with red haira nd blue eyes,I'm fair skinned so I can't spend much time in the sun and I have asthma,so I carry an inhaler.I'm looking for a woman who is really pretty [like my mom or Xena}.Hopefully you will have a car,because Mom doesn't like me borrowing her's at night.

this is in or around cambridge

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