Originally Posted: 2004-08-09 5:10pm

Rant: Manipulative Hot Chick

You game playing, attention-craving dick tease. I should have known better. O.k. I'll say it: Girls who have guys for "friends" are sketchy. You heard me right, SKETCHY! That includes you, manipulative hot chick.

I won't go into the whole "When Harry Met Sally" theory, but let's face it. If a girl doesn't have many girl friends, and has lotsa guy friends, and she is hot,.... guess what? Her guy friends want to bang her. And guess what's more? She knows it. And guess what even more? She is using that power to manipulate the guys. I should know, I am one of those guys.

That's right, I'll admit it. I have become "that guy". I am not gay, I am not your boyfriend, but here I am, with you, the hot chick, maybe out a bar, maybe just hanging out, "chatting" on the phone, etc. But I am not having sex with you. I repeat WE ARE NOT HAVING SEX. Oh, I WANT to have sex with you, sure. But I am not. I have tried. I've heard every lame ass excuse you can throw my way, but I just keep coming back for more, hoping for the big break. That whole fucked up thing you got going on with your "boyfriend" is a scary testament to what you want in a relationship. That poor schmuck believes in giving you your freedom, and let's you hang around with guys like me who try to come up with new and clever ways to get some action. You know this, thrive off of it, you live it,.... you soul-less vixen.

It started innocent enough. An email here, a phone call there, etc. But then (and this is where I made my mistake) I started to think that we had *something*. I thought you felt the same. I thought we had something special outside of our relationships. Of course, phone calls got longer, emails got more frequent and we would be sharing intimate details of our lives together. Hey, this is kind of like dating, but, um,...where is the sex and stuff?

I'll tell you where the sex is. With one of the other "friends" you have, you heartless monster. I'm slowly learning how the game is played. You have the completely neutral friend, who really is gay, or just really doesn't want to have sex you- or more likely knows that you would NEVER have sex with him. Then you have the guy who is a little more close to getting some action (apparently me), maybe a drunk kiss here, maybe a few more phone calls or emails, perhaps a dirty dance or a quick feel. Then there is the guy friend that you probably REALLY want. The one who you will indeed have sex with, the one who you actually lust over, the one who you see yourself with when you eventually dump your sucker boyfriend (God only knows how he fits into the picture). You loveless heartbreaker.

You see, you are a manipulative hot chick. I am one of several (maybe more) guys that you keep around by giving us hope. Hope for a kiss that night, hope we will bang you, hope for a hand-job, hope for a real relationship - none of which we will get. We give you a rides, buy you drinks, talk to you when your "bored", listen to your bullshit about your boyfriend. We do all this for one thing: to get further with you. But here is the problem: I am not getting sex. I don't need another pal. I have "buddies" and chums. I have my homeboys and my crew. What I don't have is a hot piece of ass that I'm banging on the side. I am done. Tired of the games and manipulation. I've put my time in, played the game, (oh boy did I play the game). But I am trying to move along now. It's too much work. It's too fatiguing to actually pretend to care about your ailments and theories on who is cool and who isn't. The constant stream of self-absorbing drivel has become numbing. I finally see you for what you are: A manipulative hot chick.

Every time I see you on your cell phone (always), I can't help but think there is some other sucker on the other end of the phone, endlessly listening to you babble about yourself in the hopes of getting into your pants. You man eating psycho. Good luck to the new guy,..maybe he'll get further than me. I'm passing the torch. I am removing your # from my cell phone. Good luck. I am through playing the game.

....unless your plans fall through on Saturday. In which case, maybe we could hang.

this is in or around Bostonish

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