Originally Posted: 2004-07-21 6:13pm

My Masturbating Neighbor

Dear Neighbor:

I must admit, today has been a pretty uneventful day. I kinda wanted it that way, as I haven't had a day off in a while, and really just needed to chill out. But I want to thank you for changing all that.

No worries, but you DID catch me by surprise when I looked up from washing dishes, to see you standing right in front of your window, directly in front of mine, stroking it like gold was about to come out. I'm kinda sorry that I stared. I mean, it HAS been an uneventful day, and you DID kind of catch me by surprise.

However, I'm a little creeped out. What did it? Was it my robe, kind of falling away from my shoulders that did it? I know I streak across my apartment from time to time during the daylight when the shades are up - but I really didn't think you could see me. However, now I know differently since you were in such plain view. I just wonder how many times you have done this and I HAVEN'T noticed. Hell, I could have given you a better show if you wanted. (BTW - I Have seen your wife, so I do kind of understand...but having kids will do that to you so be nice!).

Let's make an agreement. I'll stop streaking across my apartment, if you stop standing in front of your windows jerking off while you're watching me do dishes. I just don't think it's right since you're married and all. Plus, I haven't gotten laid in a couple of weeks, so I am having difficulty getting the image out of my head of you jerking off, and sadly, it's kind of a turn on.

Oh well.

Your Streaking Neighbor

this is in or around Cambridge

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