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Originally Posted: 2004-06-26 1:47pm


Hey, I read the paper. I know that the Green Line outbound to Lechmere is officially closed as of today, so that the overhead can be ripped down so as to not offend the sensibilities of delegates to the DNC. I understand that the poor souls who depend on this line to work or shop are now going to be crammed into cattle-cars for a trip that will take approximately 1/2 hour longer than it would take for them to walk, and believe me, my heart goes out to them. Several hundred of these poor souls were milling about in total confusion, as I was soon to be.

What I didn't know, because it was never mentioned in the paper, or on the TV news, is that the INBOUND train is also closed. I was going inbound to Park Street, and when I got through the turnstyle, only then, at the very end of the platform, was signage notifying me of this fact. When I asked for a refund of my token, the "uniformed T employee" could only screech at me "Take a transfer...take a transfer". I don't WANT a fucking transfer! I'm NOT going to board a shuttle bus to take me to Government Center! It's a 4 minute walk, for Jebus' sake! Just give me my token back!!! AAAARRRRGGGG!

Finally realizing that resistance was futile, and without my refunded token, I walked over to Government Center, only to be faced with about a THOUSAND people bouncing around the death-bunker that is the T entrance there...apparently "you can't get there from here" also applies to G.C.. "Board the bus...board the bus" shouted the "uniformed T employee". WHAT bus? WHERE bus? I don't see no fucking bus! Oh my God in Heaven...I hate the T with the blinding white energy of a thousand exploding super-novas! If every grain of sand on Crane's Beach had the word "HATE" written on it, it wouldn't equal one tenth of one percent of the hate with which I am hating the T right now. I hate the T with a passion unequaled in the history of hating. Hitler didn't hate the Jews as much as I hate the T. Linguists will have to invent a new word to describe the hate that I'm feeling, because in all of history, no hate has been hated as much as the hate that I have for the T. NEVER! EVER!

Good going, you pathetic gaggle of overpaid fuckmonkeys! I shudder to think of the chaos....nay, ANARCHY that will ensue during the hallowed DNC, when not only will the T be used by the thousands who usually drive, and cannot because of the closing of all the roads, but the tens of thousands of Convention Visitors, NONE OF WHICH will be allowed to carry anything larger than a handbag into T stations, and ALL of which will be subjected to search!! And yet, all of your pathetic "security" and "transfer" attempts did not prevent the INSANE homeless person from accosting me in the Porter Square stop, extending his FREELY BLEEDING HAND, as if I was going to clasp him to my breast in a show of brotherly love!! AAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, Sweet, sweet Jebus....take me now! I can no longer deal! Flames are actually shooting up from my keyboard as I type this...bloody tears are streaming down my cheeks, and I'm not sure, but I think my spleeen may have just imploded! And the worst thing....the worst thing...was that, as I feared months ago, when I got off at Park Street I felt a sudden, sharp pain in my posterior...and I looked down....and saw....Satan's little helper! Jabbing me in the ass with a pitchfork!!!! And all it could say, through it's bloody little fangs.....was..."TAKE A TRANSFER...TAKE A TRANSFER!!!!!"

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