Originally Posted: 2004-06-07 9:35am

Amateur car thieves

To the person/people who tried to steal and/or steal items from my car:
The door was open, so that wasn't a challenge. The key was in the car, yet you managed to first pull the wire attached to the battery so it wouldn't start. What you stole out of my car:
1. $5
2. 10-15 burned CDs
What you left behind:
1. A trunk full of beer and several bottles of good vodka (the key opens the trunk)
2. My CD player stereo
3. All my good CDs in the glove compartment (yeah, the car key opens that, too)
4. a pair of brand new running shoes in the back seat
5. "spare" cash in the trunk

I realize I wasn't too smart to leave my car unlocked with a key in it in my driveway, but I certainly expect more of our country's petty thieves.

this is in or around Davis square

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