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Originally Posted: 2004-06-02 2:39pm

Is Everyone Sure They Haven't Missed Me?

Just doing a little housekeeping, folks. So, on with it:

1.) I was at the Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square on Tuesday, May 25, at about
4:00 P.M. I was wearing a leather jacket and a pair of sneakers. Did
anyone miss me?

2.) On Saturday, May 30, I was at the MFA, lurking around in the medieval
gallery, hoping for a chance to expound on the development of egg-based
paint. Did anyone miss this opportunity? I was wearing a fez and a variety
of revolutionary buttons.

3.) Yesterday I was arraigned in Federal District Court for conspiracy to
improve the United States Mail. I was clad in an orange jumpsuit. Did any
of y'all miss me?

4.) Last Thursday I was on the red line between Davis and Porter. I was
reading "Das Kapital" in Dutch and was tripping on NyQuil. I was wearing a
vibrabtly blue sombrero and an expression of pious complacency. My hands
were dirty from a long morning of gardening, and the Six-Million Dollar
Man decal on my t-shirt was starting to separate from the fabric. To my
knowledge no one caught my eye and smiled at me. Is everyone sure about

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