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re: What's a girl go to do to get married.

On this week's episode of the Husband Hunter, we encounter one of the most dyn-gerous females of the woild kindgom...the accessorizer. Her insightful self-assessment includes a smorgasboard of sexual encounters and unworthy male adversaries left a bloody wake of her sated appetite for expensive food and drink, as she concludes without pretense of modesty that she is a "hot chick" and deserves nothing less than complete adoration. You'll notice no mention of ideas, achievements or values as these mean nothing to a well-accessorized hot chick.

She's done all the necessary steps in preparing for her mate. She's had all the right sexual experiences to prepare her for her mate's inevitable sexual prowess, and she already has more friends than she needs. Yet this feisty little Husband Hunter has been unable to snag her alpha male and graduate to the fulfillment of the American Dream: a bread-winning mate, a house in the suburbs and 2.5 kids to round out the mix. This little mynx doesn't want a piece of American pie, she wants the whole bloody thing!

So how will she get what she wants (and believe me folks, she always gets what she wants)? Through derision and contempt, she'll nag her prey into submission. Stay tuned for the kill!

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Date: 2004-05-24, 1:08PM EDT

Fine, I will admit it: I experimented a lot when I was in college, I dated a lot, had a few 3some, tried the lesbo thing, and yes at times I may have used a few guys just to be taken out to dinner to a fancy restaurant, HELLO! They got the privilege to be seen with a hot chick like me, it was mutual, you knew you would never score a chick like me, that’s why YOU asked me out to those fancy restaurants.

All of that was ages ago, is there anyone left who is not a Neanderthal and wants to settle down, get married, have kids and a nice house in the suburbs? I am tired of the dating scene, guys it is now time to move one and graduate to adulthood, I have enough friends, I now need a husband, you are not getting any younger either, BE A MAN GROW UP!

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