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Originally Posted: 2004-05-20 1:22am

Y'all must read this

Being that I am so tired of reading the same drivel from the guy that uses the term seacow over and over to stir up a response, the cool kids that use the the "terms" asshat and fucktard, the one handed typers that create "sex polls" which have answers hovering in the intelligence levels of the junior high sex ed classes, the self centereds that complain about someone taking their public street parking, the dorks that describe and discuss their genitalia on a regular basis, and the geniuses that have defined that only men can actually 'fuck', I now will fill my bathtub with 30 gallons of restaurant mayonnaise (5 gallon pails), grab a loaf of bread, lay naked in the mayo and dip the bread for a tasty snack. All of course while watching late night infomercials.

Y'all got problems, ya hear?

PS. As a side note, it's pretty cool to fart in the tub of mayo. Makes these cool pockets of fart air which ever so slowly make their way to the top. I love this. I love you. I can't wait for more teletubbies.

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