Originally Posted: 2005-06-30 5:36pm

Re: Rant: My sex drive

Hi, I'm the typical Austin CL guy. Instead of actually listening to your problem and offering useful advice, I'll suggest something else. Sex with me. That's right, me. I know it's a revolutionary idea on this board, a guy soliciting sex from some girl who didn't ask for it, but hey I'm a pioneer in that regard.

So let's meet in a dark alley somewhere and I'll worship whatever it is you want me to worship. Feet? Cool, I can get into that. Are you fugly? Great, I have a fetish for that too. After all, I'm just that desperate. If you want, I can meet you at Walmart and we can do it in the backseat of my used kia (the benz is in the shop). Got a thing for dressing rooms? Awesome, me too! I can take it as slow or as fast as you want. Oh, and I forgot to mention I'm devilishly good looking as well. Of course, who isn't on this board, right? We're looking for action on the internet because we're all winners! And I can go all night doing whatever you want. I'm DDF and tall, obviously. I can be as nasty or as nice as you want me to be.

Oh, and don't worry about contacting me. I have already written, and will be writing you several times throughout the course of the next day or so, using different email addresses and a different picture for each one. I'll try a couple different things: the nice guy approach, a canned response, a couple cock shots, the married guy who just isn't getting any at home, etc. Who knows what you'll respond to? So if and when you want some hot action from a handsome single millionaire, you know where to find me. In the meantime, good luck with your libido.


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