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Originally Posted: 2004-12-08 3:01pm

RANT: The Myth of the Nice Guy Finishing Last

I think it’s important to expose the lie of the “nice guy” because I see too many of my female friends feel guilty over these losers that they don’t want and I hope to give these dumbasses a wake up call, so they stop hiding behind simplistic notions like “I’m too nice” or “girls like assholes” and actually go out and improve themselves.
I’m not saying there isn’t a game being unconsciously played that makes people harder to get more desirable, but assholes with nothing to offer don’t get girls and assholes with something interesting to contribute do.
I do think genuine nice guys exist, but in my experience, they fall into one of two categories. They are either mentally retarded or they’re actually attractive, talented, successful men who are happy with themselves and don’t feel a need to prove anything. They are just nice to everyone, unless there is a good reason not to be and they don’t have problems “getting the girl”. Most people are a mixture of assholness and niceness with varying degrees of success in the mating game based on their own individual qualities and the girls they’re going after.
The stereotypical “Nice Guy Who Finishes Last” (NGWFL) is not nice at all, but resentful, envious, negative, hateful boy who blames every failure on outside influences and thinks a relationship with you is going to make them complete human beings.
They’re nice to you, because you’re better than them (in terms of looks, talents, personality, wit, general desirability, you get the point) and they have nothing else to offer you. They use niceness as a defense mechanism, a futile attempt to keep you around and keep you from ditching them, which just prolongs everybody’s misery. This is not to say they don’t have positive qualities, but compared to you they don’t. The NGWFL usually is pretty knowledgeable in one, maybe two things, but isn’t well rounded enough to keep the attention of potential relationships. Also, these very same boys ignore or are inconsiderate to girls that don’t meet their expectations (i.e. fat, ugly).
So you see girls, you’re buying into this manipulative, pathetic jerk’s game. It's not helping them and it’s keeping you from finding some of us who are actually together and would make good, interesting company. Maybe some of you have low self-esteem or daddy issues or whatever, and it makes you feel special to have a NGWFL wanting you while you string him along. Well, you’re a dumb bitch, and need to get a life too. You’re only making things worse.
So, you selfish NGWFL, get over yourselves, stop playing your video games 24/7 and whining about being too nice, don’t threaten to kill yourself if she dumps you (that did happen to a lady friend of mine), get out there and find more interests, develop a better personality and when YOU are happy with YOU, maybe a girl will be too.

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